Our clients see us as an extension of their management team.

Attolon handles everything from the creation of an attractive position specification, through candidate research, to the potentially emotional business of salary negotiations and beyond. Our clients appreciate our comprehensive approach and knowledge of the market, and they return again and again to Attolon as their proven solution for recruiting senior executive talent.

Position Specification

We work to understand each client's needs: not just position functions, but overall company culture and direction. This process creates a specification that more accurately represents your organization and position than a simple job description would.

Our extensive experience profiling finance and accounting professionals allows us to create an external job description that reflects the current market and makes your position particularly appealing to the top talent in your field.

Candidate Assessment

Finding the right candidate means more than combing a database for candidates with appropriate skills. Attolon's recruiters scour the candidate market and cultivate a large pool of qualified candidates. We screen and interview to develop a finalist pool that merits your time and attention. Detailed profiles and reference checks give you, the client, deep insight into the finalists we are considering.

Throughout this process, we provide our clients with written updates and candidate snapshots to ensure that you are always part of the process, and nothing is missed.

The Offer

Negotiating the compensation package can be one of the most critical and potentially adversarial parts of the hiring process. Our clients place a high value on Attolon's third-party involvement at the negotiation stage. Our expertise in offer negotiation and perspective of market compensation gives both clients and candidates the opportunity to begin their relationship with satisfaction and motivation.

Beyond The Hire

After the hire is made, Attolon assists the company and candidate with the onboarding process. During the transition period, we ensure that the relationship takes root and that nothing falls through the cracks.

Our relationship with clients is exclusive, meaning we never recruit talent away from our clients. We stay connected with both client and placed candidates in order to continually improve our process and build long-term relationships. Our clients enjoy the advantages of a consultative relationship with Attolon's experts long after the hiring process is complete.

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