A Lesson in Resiliency

Last week I had the pleasure of attending The Leader’s Edge/Leaders By Design event, Building Personal Resiliency, presented by Nila G. Betof, Ph.D. at the Radnor Hotel. To say I enjoyed it would be an understatement. Nila, an expert on the topic, did an excellent job of drawing in her listeners and encouraging us to look deeper and think about what we could do to increase our resiliency.

Resiliency is the ability to recover quickly from setbacks. Rather than perceiving obstacles as scary and intolerable, resilient people see them as a new life experience to be embraced, and they find reasons to thrive during times of change. I learned from Dr. Betof that resilient people are typically highly adaptable, flexible and expect to bounce back from hardship. Characteristics of resilient people include a staunch acceptance of reality and the uncanny ability to improvise in tough situations. Resilient people have an innate belief that life is meaningful, and they do not give up; they move forward. A resilient person still grieves and feels all the emotions associated with loss and disappointment, but makes a conscious decision not to allow these thoughts to become permanent. A resilient person makes a conscious decision to survive and cope.

While the ability to be resilient is important in our personal lives, it is equally important at work. A resilient leader motivates herself and spreads resiliency throughout her team. Just as negativity can spread and be toxic to a work environment, a positive person can spread resilience like a positive virus. Nila helped us understand that resilience may be something some are born with, but it can also be learned and developed. You can develop resiliency by building relationships and by looking for opportunities in difficult situations. Accepting change and allowing it to take its course is a great way to develop this skill. Big factors in building resiliency include becoming more self-aware, thinking positively about yourself, and taking good care of yourself.

Nila’s presentation was eye opening, and I think that it would be beneficial for leaders of all levels. I left the event feeling energized about the future and excited to face adversity with positivity and creative solutions.

The Leader’s Edge/Leaders By Design, a company founded by Molly D. Shepard in 2001, provides career development and leadership skills-building to executive and high-potential women and men. Look for this event to be offered again in the future – I highly recommend it!

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